A Smart Backpack With A Customizable LED Screen

In a travel-centric world, backpacks are just a staple for outdoor excursions. As the demand for safety during any outdoor adventure has emerged, customers look for innovative ways to augment visibility even during darkness. The best way to achieve it is by buying a backpack with an LED screen. What, does that even exist?

The answer is a big yes. And in our post today, we will explain to you the multiple benefits of buying our smart backpack that features a personalized LED screen. Sounds intriguing, does it not? So, let’s dive into the narration and learn the significant attributes of our smart LED backpack.

Attributes Of Our Customizable & Smart LED Backpack

Here are the attributes of our personalized LED bag, for which our customers have just loved it!

  • Creates A Personalized Statement

Braided with premium quality, our backpack promises to make a statement for yourself! That’s the reason behind its utmost durability and sturdiness. Not just that, our bag also works on personalization! Yes, you read that correctly. This bag has the best-customized option that can withstand the pragmatic needs of your everyday requirements, keeping intact the longevity factor.

  • Integrated With Features Like Images, Texts, Etc.!

Those embossed and printed offerings are no longer the current editions. In today’s space-aged epoch, a travel enthusiast must not remain confined within the boundaries of prior offerings. That’s where our design for this backpack serves you gold. Whether you want to give it an artistic look or display some texts, this backpack gives you immense opportunities to play around. The LED display will allow you to incorporate your words and spread them to the world. From animation, emojis, texts, and beyond, you can implement anything that makes you happy!

  • Extremely Sturdy And Durable

Durability is one of the quintessential criteria that gets talked about whenever a customer selects a bag. With our backpack constructed out of the EVA elastomeric polymer, we implement a screen of 64 x 64 bitmap screen where you can display a smiley according to your mood and feelings. You can even advertise a service, event, or even a business too! Moreover, we also let you profess your love for the crush! It has a huge interior compartment that allows you to store a notebook, laptop, tablet, or even some books! Our backpack measures around 17.3 x 13.8 x 5.1’’.

How Our Smart Backpack Become A Customer-Friendly Solution?

It seems reducing the carrying weight is the most prioritized matter a customer ever considers. Thus, lightweight backpacks become pivotal. Whether it’s your outdoor adventure of office, here’s how our LED screened backpack serves gold.

  1. A lightweight backpack with a less bulky frame

Besides premium design, our product has a less bulky frame. It keeps you comfortable and provides sturdiness.

  • Inexpensive Pricing

Cost is another parameter that gets demonstrated when looking for a bag. Our backpack might sound cost-effective because we are offering a discount of US $149.99 currently while its original price is the US $299.99!

  • Compatibility with both Android & iOS Devices

To use the LED screen, all you need is to install the LED Space application on your iOS and Android device. Yes, our backpack is compatible with both types of devices.

How Should You Wear Our Backpack?

Our backpack should get used by following these principles:

  • Ensure that you keep both the straps on both shoulders
  • Adjust them rightly in order to ensure utmost comfort
  • Keep the bag at the shoulder level
  • Ensure to use the LED display in a correct manner
  • Wear the bag such that it remains supported along your back

Who Can Wear Our Backpack?

Owing to the LED display, our backpack is a perfect accessory for:

  • Scooter riders
  • Cyclists
  • Skateboarders
  • Runners
  • Bike riders; and others

Wrapping up

Want to become creative with your gift choices? You can think out of the box by presenting this smart LED backpack on your friend’s birthday, colleague’s farewell, bestie’s marriage anniversary, brother’s bachelorette, or think of self-gifting!

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