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Table Tennis

It is easy to host a game night with a deck of cards,  but planning to play a Ping Pong is an excellent way to add more fun while entertaining with friends and family.  It will become more comfortable when you have a Portable Table Tennis Set. Our table tennis set offers the convenience of playing anywhere to develop your skills the next time people come over.

A combination of fun:

Now you can quickly turn any surface into a Ping Pong table.  This set comprises everything you need to set up a table tennis game anytime, anywhere.  The net can extend considerably long and secures to any table without the convenient levers. The three included Ping Pong balls and rackets ensure that you are always ready for the game. Our portable table tennis set is a fun idea for both adults and kids and is great to take to picnics, gatherings, and parties with friends

Exclusive features:

  • Retractable Ping Pong set: 

Our retractable Ping Pong set offers a hassle-free experience with its lightweight mesh, which is durable and resistant to any impacts. You can freely extend the net up to a considerable length to ensure your matches are as competitive as the pros.

  • Portable Ping Pong paddle set:

Our Ping Pong set includes a high-performance racket,  a portable retractable Ping Pong net,  and 3 Ping Pong balls.  It is very convenient for family members or Ping Pong lovers to play table tennis anytime, anywhere.

  • Enjoy playing table tennis anywhere:

Our retractable Ping Pong net can let you easily attach it to the table surface. Now you can easily turn any place into a game field promptly.  Once your playing session has finished, revert it back.  A push of the trigger makes the net retract and collapse

  • Fabricated with premium material:

Each racket is fabricated from smooth wood and coated with performance-grade rubber that improves the spin speed and control.  And the Ping Pong balls are fabricated from bright orange plastic for maximum visibility wherever the ball flies.  It is lightweight, offering you a truly pro experience.

  • Easy to install:

Installing this portable table tennis is easy peasy,  so you can quickly set it up and take it off in seconds.  Just fasten the net to any supported table; simply clamp down the holder to install. Pull the net across the tabletop, and you are ready to have your instant game.  It is perfect for indoor and outdoor parties,  camping trips,  picnics, and much more.

All set to enjoy a game of ping pong:

Who does not love to play table tennis or commonly known as Ping Pong?  It is an absolutely fun outdoor and indoor game where you can almost choose a table and instantly start your game.  You might just choose a dining table or a billiard board and set it up; you are all set to play ping pong.  You can just place a spare table in your backyard or patio.  All you have to do is put it in a center,   grab your table tennis racket and Ping Pong balls so that you can experience an ultimate fun game of Ping pong.

What makes our portable table tennis set most favorable is that you can play ping pong virtually on any tabletop and enjoy quality time with friends and family without the requirement of a full-sized table tennis top. It also saves their size table space as you can easily choose smaller tabletop tennis sets that can be placed anywhere.

Our portable table tennis set is an absolute gift for table tennis lovers who can play for hours and get total satisfaction from playing this exciting game.  This set comprises rackets, nets, and balls so you can have a pro game.

If you are concerned about safety, our portable table tennis set is perfectly safe for children as its metal post is padded, so there are no chances of risk of being exposed to sharp edges.

Our portable table tennis flat is small and compact that offers you the feel of a competitive play with full comforts. It promises to offer lots of fun with families and friends while playing Ping Pong.  Besides, this game is all fun; it also helps improve eye-hand coordination,  enhancing the other coordination skills.

Bottom line:

Put an end to the large and heavy table tennis top, opt for our portable table tennis, and go anywhere set handy.  It comes with retractable nets and three ping pong balls packed in a door string pouch for easy travel and storage. So isn’t it a great outdoor and indoor fun partner?

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