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No doubt petting a dog is a delightful experience, from warm cuddles, hugs together to having an outdoor walk in the park. But simultaneously, it comes with huge responsibilities, from visiting veterinary to giving your dog enough and clean water. You need to understand that water is crucial for a dog to stay hydrated all day. So do your dog is getting a constant water supply? If not, rethink it and get the best automatic dog water fountain that will entice your dog to drink enough water to stay healthy and happy. So below, you will dive deeper into knowing how your dog benefits from our water fountain that supplies fresh running water.

Highlighting attributes:

  • Convenient to use and easy to train your dogs
  • Durability
  • Catchy printed paw pattern design
  • Two ways printer attachment
  • Easy to carry outdoor
  • No batteries or controllers required

Our automatic dog water fountain is a healthier choice!

Have you ever wondered how a dog water fountain makes your dog’s water healthier? Yes, it is a fact, our automatic dog water fountain is always a top-notch choice to avert water from getting stagnant and minimize the bacteria accumulation risk.

You have to reconsider your choice for your dog if you are still using a water bowl that proliferates the chances of germs and bacteria accumulation which may make your dog sick. The water in the bowl gets standing for a prolonged time, which becomes a significant root cause for breeding ground, not only for bacteria but also for other insects and pests.

So to escape all these risks, an automatic dog water fountain is the best idea to motivate your dog to drink more water in a healthier way.

Manifesting our automatic dog water fountain is best!

  • Easy to use:

Our automatic dog water something ultimately easy to use. So taking your fairy friend out is no more a daunting task. All you have to do is train your dog is to use this fountain by stepping up onto the pedal and naturally spout on the water. You don’t even have to worry about refilling it. All you have to do is attach it to the water valve into the normal garden hose and let your dog enjoy the moment.

Innovative design:

Our automatic dog water fountain comes with a printed paw pattern design that excites your dog to explore it by stepping up onto the fountain to dispense water.

  • Size

When choosing our automatic dog water fountain, you don’t have to worry about the size. Large and small, everything is easily accessible for your accommodation so it can get fit ideally in the designated area without any hassle. Moreover, it will also match the size of your dog perfectly.

  • Top-notch quality material

Nobody will compromise on materials while buying a product. So we are here to make your investment worth of spending in our automatic dog water fountain fabricated with top-notch quality material without any toxic substances, which is entirely safe to use by your dog.

  • Easy to assemble

You will not face a hard time with our automatic dog water fountain. It comprises a two-way splitter attachment for a water valve, making it simpler to use in a typical garden hose. On the contrary, a pressure adjustment valve design on each split lets you control flow and pleasure while training your dog to use the fountain

  • Durability:

Our automatic dog water fountain promises durability and ensures a long-lasting explorative water drinking experience for your dog. The copper valve and a heavy gauge steel fabrication prevent leakage, and the hose is damage-resistant for no punctures or holes. The paw print pedal is also fabricated of durable steel plate that escapes the redundant skid and movement.

  • Noise level

If your dog is sound sensitive, you have stopped at the right place to acquire an automatic dog water fountain that produces zero unnecessary noises during pumping or dispersion of water which is common with other dog water fountains. But our product is all quiet and offers your dog a soothing water drinking experience.

Settle one and for all:

Durability, top-notch quality, easy functionality is the other name of our automatic dog water fountain, which is worth the expense. It is a great treat for both dogs and their owners to settle with exceptional water device that accord perfectly with the outdoors. Avail yours and save your dog’s health today

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