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Table tennis or ping pong is the favorite pastime game for many of us, and the reason is it is an ultimate fun game that everyone of almost all ages can play. Just one clip on any tabletop, and you are all set to enjoy this amazing game. And with multiple portable table tennis sets in the market, it gets challenging to conclude the best one. But here at Viral Digs, we have a prime quality portable table tennis set with an affordable price range so you can have a fun, sportive table tennis experience.

Highlighting attributes:

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Easy to setup
  • Effortlessly gets clipped on almost any surface.
  • Retractable net is easily expandable
  • With no hassle or tangled mess; it can be easily fit into your back and lets you carry it everywhere
  • Rackets aur fabricated from smooth wood and coated with performance-grade rubber.

Setting it up is fun:

  • This portable table tennis net time comes with two rackets and three ping pong balls so you can have an instant ping pong match anytime, anywhere. The motto of this exceptional equipment is to transfer almost any table into a table tennis table in a moment. Setting it up is also fun and takes less time than calling your friends on their birthday.
  • It comes with a soft clamp design making it effortless to use and gentle on the table’s edge
  • All you have to do is simply pull two halves into the distant and extend the clamps to install them.
  • Now you are friends and family is all set to have tons of fun and loving table tennis game at the home or any spot.

Turn this fun game into a drill:

  • Exhaust free game:

Some games make you fully exhausted, such as football and cricket. Besides making you exhausted, it also puts you under stress. But shoo the idea of going to the gym to reduce the stress and avail all those benefits by effortlessly playing with the best portable table tennis set. It makes you less stressed as it is not over-competitive that lets you play without the fear of competing for hours with friends and family

  • Aids in keeping you fit:

If you strive to maintain yourself fit, just go for ping pong. There are no better options as it ensures exercising all the necessary muscles, including thighs, arms, shoulders, stomach, etc. But do not mistake this as the bodybuilding activity will help you build muscles. No, it is more than that; it will keep your body energized by consuming less effort and time. So don’t be unproductive and waste your time on bodybuilding. You are not a fighter!

  • Helps you combat stress:

When you feel stressed, just play ping pong for an hour and experience the good change. Sometimes when you are depressed with other hectic activities, a ping pong game is the name to lighten your mood and fill your body with a new wave of encouragement.

  • Lose your weight fast:

Commonly, tennis players often lose their kilos just playing for a year. So how about without playing table tennis instead of looking for other remedies to lose weight. Just instantly set up ping pong, and you are good to go. This amazing game helps you burn excess calories faster than other exercises or activities.

Perfect for outdoors and indoors:

In case if you are distressed about having a busy routine and the bad weather, no worries are our portable table tennis set is all here to fix your play both indoor and outdoor. Do not let the weather interrupt your routine. Moreover, space is never the problem as you can enjoy a ping pong game with any size of board or table surface that would fit perfectly in your spot. Besides, some boards can be easily foldable, letting you take them outdoor with you for playing.

Offer great savings to your pocket:

You can only afford a medium-size tennis table for about $100; how about buying rackets and balls, a simple yet sporty portable table tennis set at an inexpensive rate only at Viral Digs. Isn’t it amazing you will get to avail all the exceptional benefits in just a few bucks?

Bottom line:

We have shared multiple compelling reasons why you must opt for our portable table tennis set and prepare yourself, forget all the rules and just have fun. This compact, portable, and convenient equipment is perfect for ping pong fans as it lets them be sportive anywhere, anytime.

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