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Your mobile phone already comes with great quality cameras that help you achieve great videos and photos. But being a Youtuber, vlogger, or tik toker, you always demand to capture videos that match the next level. Yes, we will help you achieve it through our best robot cameraman, that is smartly built to follow objects and humans in real-time with its motorized 360-degree feature and smart face motion recognition technology. Scroll down below to unfold the features and enjoy unlimited creativity.

Film anytime, anywhere!

Go hands-free while capturing:

Our best robot cameraman allows you to film anytime, anywhere, and snap automatically without any assistance from an external cameraman. You can now easily film ballet recitals, events, sports games, birthdays without investing in a professional crew.

Outdoor and indoor range:

If you are a blogger, YouTuber, or seeking adventurous solo fun and love to capture your day, you are all set with our best robot cameraman gadget that helps you capture things and lets you focus on what you are good at.

360-degree rotation:

Our small yet powerful robot cameraman is an All-in-One gadget featuring 360-degree rotation perfect for making blogs, performance videos, and much more.

A.I smart composition:

Our robot cameraman has built-in innovative smart face and motion recognition technology features by chasing the displacement of objects. Moreover, the smart face feature can automatically recognize your face and follows your every move for excellent video and picture taking.


Besides hands-free convenience and creative shots, our best robot cameraman is easy to handle without too much hassle. Its seal tight suction base ensures a sturdy grip and keeps your smartphone well stabilized and focused for smooth capturing of pictures and videos.

Android/ iOS app:

Bring our robot cameraman into life; all you have to do is download the Apai genie app completely free and accessible for Android and iOS. You are one step away from connecting this phone holder to the app and experiencing all the ultra-smart features.


Our handy robot cameraman goes perfectly with Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, and other brand smartphones. So do not fret and pave the way for your creativity to shine.

Quick to install & easy to operate:

After downloading the Apai genie app on your device, open the application, then turn on the power on key. Further, hold power on key consistently for 5 seconds. Once the red light gets on, turn on the Bluetooth of your device and connect it automatically.

Bottom line:

So far, you are clear about how well versed and simple is our robot cameraman loaded with exceptional features, quality, durability, and other things that help you to meet a set of performance expectations at any moment. Just power with three AA batteries. Now you are all sorted to shoot your vlog or picture without any fuss.

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