The Best 3D Painting Pen for your Kids

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Keeping your kids entertained is the most challenging task nowadays. And younger age is an ideal period for kids to learn new things and enhance their creativity. So giving them slime to make something out of it or keeping them busy with any exciting activities is a good idea. This 3D Painting pen for kids is also a good solution that helps them put their imagination into paper and offers a hassle-free crafting experience.

Highlighting attributes:

  • A non-slip design
  • A silent radiant
  • Environmentally-friendly filaments
  • A ceramic nozzle
  • Infinitely variable speed transmission
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Safe to use

How does our 3D painting pen work?

The working mechanism of our 3D painting pen is very simple. It deploys heat factor to melt the plastic material inside and flow it through the nozzle. Just plug the 3D pen into the power cord and after heating for a while, let it cool down and use it. You can insert a string of plastic elements of your choice and ace your drawing. Our 3D pen lets kids create multiple models and shapes by moving the pen. This molten plastic, when squeezed out, cools down and stiffens promptly, and takes the particular shape permanently. 

How does a 3D painting pen differ from a 3D printer? 

A 3D Painting pen makes an ideal choice for anger children because of its immediate and like if they use 3D painter they cannot create the imaginative object right away and have to rethink their ideas and the object before they start to create it. Comparatively, a 3D Painting pen is very easy to use, done 3D printing. 3D painting pens allow kids to create real-life three-dimensional objects, making it favorable for craft hobbyists, artists, and kids.

Exceptional characteristics of our 3D painting pen:

  • Our 3D painting pen is accordant with every surface: 

Our 3D painting pen is known for its outstanding compatibility on every surface. It means kids can use it on any surface. Therefore our 3D painting pen development and plastic ka to draw a 3D object. Hence users must be discerned while purchasing it. However, the writing quality and responsiveness are too good to complain about.

  • Great flow:

It is well-known that 3D painting pen operates on heat technology. And the specialty of our pen is that the given metal plastic comes out on time with great flow that lets kids draw 3D models right away. As the duration of plastic is precise, it prevents the add-ons color problems due to heat. But it is never an issue with our product, and children will be able to escape this disaster and create a 3D model without any mess. Initially, the melted plastic man gets trapped inside the 3D pen, but this problem will vanish with frequent use. However, kids may need some time to get used to this 3D painting pen.

  • Cooling duration:

It is inappropriate to use a 3D painting pen for prolonged hours. It is well-known that it deploys melting plastic for drawing. Thus, after long usage, it is again heated for a while but ensures you give enough rest for cooling, and it takes some minimal duration to get cool. Later on, kids can draw or as soon as possible. Our 3D painting pen gives perfect drawing results if you wait for a considerable time to get the plastic melted through heat so you can have your perfect drawing or doodling. 

  • Temperature conscious:

Our 3D painting pen runs on heating technology so that users will be experiencing some modification depending upon the from the outside. Our product is temperature conscious and ultimately safe to use by young ones. Still, adults should oversee the pen’s temperature and ensure everything is fine before handling it to kids.

  • No clogging

The plastic material getting clogged inside the pen is the normal consequence everyone faces. But if you choose to buy the 3D painting pen from Viral Digs, it is the last thing you have to worry about. It is why artists and hobbyists must avail this 3D painting pen from us to escape the consistent plastic replacement problem.

What is the purpose of buying our 3D painting pen?

  • Our 3D painting pen lets your little one imagine creative ideas and help expand their capacity of creativity. 
  • Up skill your kid’s creativity with something you can afford in an inexpensive way
  • It is challenging for parents to keep their kids entertained and teach them something creative. With our 3D painting pen, it is easily possible. Kids take this as fun, creative, use their imagination, and create something new while playing.

Bottom line:

Hopefully, now you are all clear with the features of the 3D Painting pen and how comfortably it lets your kids use it. Keep all other 3D pen options aside and avail 3D painting pen from Viral Digs and delight your kids with all the fantastic features.

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