The Best Water Fountains, According to Veterinarians- Dog Water Fountain

Right from the moment you bring your furry friend home, you take all the responsibility to light up their little world. As your dog is a family member for just a decade and a few, you always want to focus on healthy habits. You spare no expense in ensuring they get premium quality food and toys.

But given the emergence of this pet community, multiple companies are coming up with pet products. So, that makes you wonder: what are the safest toys and foods for dogs available on the market? That’s where the discussion of a dog water fountain comes to the forefront. So, what exactly is a dog fountain, and how does it work?

An Introduction to a Dog Water Fountain

Just like a drinking fountain offering human beings drinking water, a dog water fountain is for your dog. It’s a product made for your dog to help them drink fresh and clean water. It’s nothing but a basin or bowl that contains the flow of filtered and fresh water for your puppy or doggie. If you ask whether a pet fountain is a worthy investment or not, read the given narration.

Have you ever noticed your pet drinking water from the toilet bowl or dripping faucet? Studies state that dogs prefer drinking running water over water left in a bowl. And even veterinarians state that a dog water fountain is a worthy investment because of your pet. If you don’t believe, here are the multiple benefits of buying an automatic dog water fountain:

Benefits of Buying a Dog Fountain Online

Pet fountains not only improve their health but also offer them an opportunity to become playful with the device. Here are the benefits of choosing one:

#1 Your Pet Is Going to Get Clean & Fresh Water

Studies also suggest that your pet’s water dish is usually a breeding ground for bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli & salmonella. It might impose dangerous health risks to your family as well as your dog. Also, the dog water bowl previously ranked as the 3rd most contaminated item within the household. So that means they can contribute to several diseases.

If you think using a filtered water fountain will eliminate the demand for properly disinfecting your pet’s dishes, you’re wrong. But it definitely helps eliminate bacteria. That’s one reason to add a pet fountain to your home

A fountain offers filtered water to your pet. So, the water is completely safe and free of germs. In fact, it also removes the large objects in the pet water, thereby filtering it accordingly.

#2 Pet Water Fountain Delivers Cooler Water

Another reason to opt for an automatic dog water fountain is to allow your dog to drink water at a moderate temperature. As the water constantly circulates, it stays a few degrees cooler than the air surrounding your house. So, what’s the result? Simply put, your pet gets more refreshing water to drink.

#3 Encourages Hydration for Your Pet

Like humans, even dogs need to stay hydrated to lead a happy life. But with the emerging prominence of dry kibble diets, pets these days stay chronically dehydrated. That leads to severe health issues in them. The water movement in the fountain offers your pet an instinct. It also develops an urge in them to drink more. And who would deny that the water seems more desirable when in the fountain?

#4 No Struggles of Refilling!

A majority of pet fountains have a higher water volume than the regular bowl or dish. So, that reduces your worries related to refilling. Even if you are away, your pet won’t hesitate to drink the water on time. That’s a pure win-win situation for working pet parents.

Who Should Opt for Dog’s Water Fountain?

Without a doubt, every dog owner should opt for this kind of fountain. Choosing one simplifies their life of dealing with their pet. Also, it helps their four-limbed animal live a happier and healthier life. But with so many variants in the marketing, selecting a dog water bowl fountain becomes a tiring job. But worry no further as we have compiled a survey list for you. Look for these features when selecting the product online.

An Automatic Button

If you want to teach your old pet new lessons, you must try an automatic dog fountain. Teach them to press down, and there you have it. The water will be coming out of it. This type of feature offers an explorative way to quench thirst outdoors. You can invest in a dog water fountain that comes with a paw-printed pattern that acts as a switch. As soon as your dog presses it, the water will come out. With an automatic feature installed in it, you can challenge your four-limbed friend to get themselves some refreshing water.

A Thoughtful Design

In general, pet owners don’t think twice before selecting a cat and dog water fountain. They only give importance to the functionalities and don’t give importance to designs. But as a conscious pet parent, you don’t make this mistake. Remember, your puppy or dog will only get attracted to it as long as the design is appealing. So, before selecting the right fountain, ensure the product features a thoughtful design.

A Two-Way Splitter Attachment

While selecting a water fountain for pets, always consider a two-way splitter attachment. It’s for the water valve that lets you use your yard’s hose and fountain both simultaneously. On each split, there should be a pressure adjustment valve that allows you to control pressure & flow. It trains your pup to use the fountain in the right manner.

Ensure Functionality

The fountain should get manufactured out of heavy-gauge steel alongside a copper valve. These components help prevent leakage while its hose remains tamper-resistant for no punctures or holes. If you select an automatic variant, ensure that the pedal gets made of a durable steel plate for the concrete steeping surface. It is great if it has rubber friction pads to reduce unnecessary movement or skid. Another bonus will be if the product does not require any power!

Dogs are one of the most intelligent creatures on this planet. So, if you think you can’t train your dog in these features, don’t take tension. Trust us; some customers have trained the automatic feature to their dogs within 15 to 20 minutes. No dog will take too much time to learn the process of getting water from an automatic outdoor dog water fountain. If you are ready to invest in one, buy a fountain that’s easy to assemble and built of sturdy materials. The rest: your dog will easily handle!

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