What You Should Know Before Buying A 3D Painting Pen

No doubt the world is moving and evolving towards technology day by day. Technology is the only sole reason that is easing up the life of human beings. Over the years, we have discovered 3D printers, 3D movies, but now it’s time for 3D pens. You will be surprised to know how the 3D Painting pen has become everybody’s favorite as it lets you draw anything that an individual mind can imagine. So, to give your thoughts a life by having an actual doodle in your hand, i.e., a 3D Painting pen, is all you need. Here are a few things to consider before buying a 3D Painting pen.

Few Points to Remember Before Buying A 3D Painting Pen:


Before buying your 3D painting pen, the first thing to consider is adaptability, i.e., how compatibly it goes on any surface. The more adaptable it is, the most fun you will have with your 3D painting pen while doodling or drawing anywhere you want. So, we would recommend buying this 3D painting pen from Viral Digs as we ensure that our product is built with excellent quality. It will be of good responsiveness and unlike a cheap quality pen with low responsiveness.

Cooling time:

Besides compatibility, the cooling time is vital in 3D painting pens. A good quality 3D pen must have a minimum time for cooling down as it cannot operate consistently for long hours. The cooling time of the 3D pen is essential while running because the 3D pen heats the plastic filament inside. Because of this process, the product exterior itself heats up, making it challenging for individuals to use it at the time. It is why it becomes essential for individuals to consider the cooling time before buying any 3D Painting pen.

Timing of Plastic Emerges Out of The Pen:

As the heating up of the 3D pen is essential, the same way the time of plastic emerging out of the pen is also crucial. Our 3D Painting pen uses ABS/PLA plastic filament that lets you make physical and tangible creations. However, this pen deploys a plastic element and heats up to liquid form that emerges out of the ceramic nozzle of our 3D Painting pen. And a good quality 3D pen does not have heat-up more than the requirement. If it heats more, you will not get desired results as it changes the original colors and gives weird results.

System Blocking:

It is also crucial to consider the jogging or blocking system as the 3D pens get stuck a lot. However, it is also your responsibility to maintain the perfect time of the liquid emerging out of the pen and maintain it properly. If it is all set, the pen system may not get blocked or clogged. So, it is one of the specific aspects to consider as it will impact the design or doodle that individuals intend to create with the help of the 3D pen.

Safe to use by kids:

Our 3D Painting pen is entirely safe for kids as it is easy to operate without exposed parts or heating mechanisms. So consider this factor before buying and check everything is okay enough and safe to use by young ones.


Last but essential point: you have to remember that quality matters and must be long lasting, so you don’t have to spend much more money on a look quality 3D painting pen that constantly demands buying a new one. So even though it is expensive, make sure it is of top quality.

Bottom Line:

Here I conclude by saying that individuals must consider all the above-mentioned crucial factors before buying a 3D Painting pen. And we gladly recommend you to go for Viral Digs to get the excellent quality 3D painting pen and achieve desired doodling results.

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